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FEBRUARY 28, 2015

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

TODAY, I just received a message and a website link from a reader, warning me of the Islamic threat of bloodshed, destruction and sorrow for Christians and opponents  worldwide, BUT ALSO mentioning CHRISTIANS AND AMERICANS here in the USA.

Many of my readers have been wondering WHY I did not post for a whole month of February, except for one previous article. My birthday was this month, and I wanted to take a sabbatical from the intense stress and emotional drain that researching and writing often disturbing articles involves.

Also, I wanted to leave the article (below) up on my blog, to emphasize to my readers the deadly dangers America faces from ISLAM and adherents to the teachings of the Qu'ran. 

Americans must take this threat very seriously at this time, and Christians especially, who are called to fast and pray against this ever emerging darkness threatening to encroach upon our precious freedom and religious liberty we value in America today.

As millions of informed Americans now realize, this nation sits perched upon the abyss of the COMING POLICE STATE, facilitated by MARTIAL LAW being declared, the Constitution being suspended, and a dictatorship imposed by executive orders.

Informed Americans also realize that MARTIAL LAW CAN BE TRIGGERED DELIBERATELY by the PTB, simply through a few well placed FALSE FLAG "DISASTERS" created especially for this purpose, by the internal enemies of the Constitution and liberty in America.

America has staggered under previous false flag events, including the OKC bombing "9/11," the BOSTON BOMBING, Sandy Hook school shooting and others. Many researchers like myself believe that "THE NEXT BIG ONE" is simply waiting to happen, to finally usher in a major state of martial law and the beginning of POLICE STATE USA.

As I have reported for 20 years now, all of this is well planned and highly orchestrated from within, even including the use of complicit media that are handed "the official government explanation" for such events, to mask the true perpetrators and purposes for such "disasters" or staged "terrorist attacks."

I have reported throughout the years that the supporters of the "New World Order" know all about the hidden agenda of false flags leading to martial law

FEMA and DHS camps have been quietly built throughout North America and Canada for the purpose of containing "the resisters of the NWO" once the agenda comes down under martial law. And for many, such camps will be the last place they are ever taken to. It is not intended for those on various government termination lists, to ever to leave there ALIVE.

I have researched and documented the presence of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES quietly prepositioned across North America and Canada as well. As with several previous dictatorships and oppressive regimes (Nazi Germany and Communist Russia), prisoner boxcars will be used to transport religious and political opponents of the coming police state to the FEMA and DHS camps to remove them from society and deal with them out of the public sight, out of the public mind.

Without apology, I have researched and reported on the ominous presence of MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES. These strangely and seemingly outdated tools for execution have been repeatedly confirmed to me as real by numerous and varying sources.

Several CIA sources have informed me about the modern guillotines, and confirmed their presence here in America. 

Military sources have including personal Pentagon contacts and a staff sergeant from Fort Lewis, WA, in full Army uniform, who went into detail about his experiences with the guillotines and their training facility in a top secret building, partially underground, in which he would be training 64 men in his platoon in how to operate these guillotines, using test dummies.

"Oh, the guillotines are everywhere...Fort Hood, Fort Bragg. And they are also OVERSEAS, in BERLIN and other locations, " he revealed during my interview of several hours with him. 

Truck drivers I have interviewed throughout the years have repeatedly confirmed to me that loads of guillotines are being continually hauled across America. A few years ago, a Christian truck driver I spoke to after meeting him in a local AG church, said, 

"I overheard you talking about guillotines in America. I want to tell you it is TRUE. I have been getting phone calls from my trucker buddies lately, and they are not happy with the loads they are hauling into Billings, MT. THEY TOLD ME THEY WERE HAULING MODERN GUILLOTINES..."

Eye-witnesses have admitted to seeing these modern guillotines bolted inside some of the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES as well, including a personal Christian friend and eye witness alongside four of her friends.

My research to understand WHY the presence of modern guillotines uncovered lots of information. Congressmen like Doug Teper of Georgia have previously discussed openly the possibility of EXECUTIONS BY BEHEADING in America, so that body organs could be harvested.

However, I believe it goes much deeper.  There are several major religious groups who actually advocate executing CHRISTIANS BY BEHEADING. The Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS, based on the Talmud, pave the way for Christians who refuse to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, to suffer capital punishment for breaking two of the 7 Noahide laws. Legislation regarding the NOAHIDE LAWS has already been passed and signed by former President Bush Sr.

New World Order agenda adherents in America include a sizable number of Jews on the left, frequently called "progressives"and often dual-citizenship (US/ISRAEL), who advocate the overthrow of the US Constitution and the implementation of the leftist NWO agenda facilitated by a declaration of martial law.
Christians were sent to the GULAG
Even as the Marxist progressives heavily advocated an agenda of genocide against Christians and political opponents, beginning with their Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the same attitude "terminate the resistance" exists today towards religious or political resistance to their NWO agenda in America. Hence, you have the FEMA/DHS camps to deal with such resistance. 

But through their Noahide Laws, a new tool of execution and genocide of Christians can be brought into use, the thousands upon thousands of modern military guillotines now stored in covert locations nationwide for the hour of martial law and fulfillment of the NWO agenda.

Let me make the following abundantly clear: not ALL Jews support the NWO/ZIONISM, progressive-leftist agenda for America, nor the planned persecution/genocide of Christians under it. Even as not all Jews supported Marxism and Communism. Sadly however, there are those who do.

Many Jews were persecuted and imprisoned in the GULAGS alongside Christians, for their opposition to the cruel and oppressive communist government in Russia and elsewhere. I personally protested against Communism in Russia, side-by-side in with Russian Jewish dissidents standing for FREEDOM, in front of the White House in the 1970's.

I say this so that my readers can fully understand that nothing of what I just wrote about Noahide laws and the modern guillotines linked to them, can be misconstrued somehow as "anti-semitism." I have loved and worked with many Jews throughout the years, made several pilgrimages to Dachau on behalf of the Jews who tragically perished there, and so much more. Honest journalism and "anti-semitism" are not the same thing. I simpy stand for THE TRUTH.

ISLAM and the Qu'ran however, would also find a good use for the many modern guillotines in North America today. With a majority of Americans professing to be born again Christians, and all these modern guillotines in America to make it easier, and a President who supports ISIS, think of the carnage that could happen with these modern guillotines IF they were allowed access to them.

Just as the Talmud is sadly filled with hatred towards Christians, and even advocates the beheading of them if they break the Noahide laws (and by default every Christian breaks 2 of the 7 Noahide laws, hence marking them for death by beheading) even so does THE QU'RAN advocate beheading regarding Christians and infidels.

Christians worldwide, also in America, are watching uneasily as the news increasingly broadcasts videos depicting the beheading of prisoners by ISIS and other Islamic militants. 

As more and more Christians become the victims in Iraq and Syria, and admittedly gruesome scenes of Christians and their youth being beheaded are being broadcast in the news in America, many are quietly wondering IF THIS SCENE COULD EVER BE REPEATED HERE IN NORTH AMERICA.

Suspicions are being raised especially due to the increasing numbers of Moslems coming into America, and due to Islamic presence in this present administration, from the White House on down. 

Plus the alternative news reports are now indicating clearly that this administration is actually helping to FUND and ARM and TRAIN and SUPPORT ISIS forces in the Middle East...they are assisting the very ones persecuting Christians, bombing their churches, beheading them and raping their women!


In fact, such guillotines have been manufactured in countries such as JAPAN and others, and have been shipped in since the 1970's, according to one eye-witness source formerly with the CIA that I personally interviewed.

I live only a few miles from one location here in Montana where my personal Christian friend Marie and four of her friends on a prayer journey across America, stumbled accidentally upon the black prisoner boxcars with shackles, and a modern guillotine bolted inside it at one end. She returned from that prayer journey to come to my home, back in SC at a Christian retreat, and to tell me all about what they had seen.

A previous published admission from a US Marine emerged of him and his platoon unloading crates of these guillotines at a closed military base here in Montana, that I believe is in Glasgow, MT. One retired Army source here in Montana admitted to me that an Army Ranger buddy shared how they were delivering the guillotines under armed guard, with orders of SHOOT TO KILL anyone who tried to stop their shipments by truck.




Exactly WHOSE guillotines are they, and against WHO are these guillotines going to be used someday??? There are several groups in America who may find use for them.

They can easily be justified and used by that particular element of leftist Jews in America who support the NWO agenda and call for the elimination, Bolshevik style, of the Christians and political opponents of their agenda, supported by their Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS LEGISLATION. 

They can easily be deployed BY THE MOSLEMS IN AMERICA who would feel fully justified by the teachings of THEIR QU'RAN, against the Christians of America and other opponents of an Islamic takeover of America.

There is also a well concealed, though very powerful element of NAZI FASCISTS throughout America. Thousands of them came into North America under the CIA's program called "OPERATION PAPERCLIP." 

They certainly never go by that description of "Nazi fascist" today. But they and their Fascist-agenda descendants are HERE in many key positions and agencies throughout this government and nation. Such people are also a major advocate of the overthrow of the Christian heritage of America, and replacing the Constitutional republic with a military dictatorship. Several such people have even become Presidents of the United States.

Hitler and his Nazi regime delighted in using GUILLOTINES to behead thousands of opponents of their Nazi agenda for Germany. 

So WHICH NWO-advocating group is the major force behind THE GULLOTINES IN AMERICA TODAY? Perhaps all of them.

However, one thing is certain about these modern guillotines: they are clearly inspired by SATAN HIMSELF, rogue leader and inspiration behind his NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA. And Satan is always seeking the death and destruction of THE CHRISTIANS. Satan will use ANY willing and useful idiots to accomplish his infernal goals in the world today!

In closing, I beseech Christian readers to pray about this WARNING of potential attack, death and destruction as threatened by ISIS for February 28th, 2015.

As every Christians knows, PRAYER CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Purpose to make your voice heard in prayer about this important warning, and let us see what Almighty God shall do in response!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Deadly Dangers of Islam Emerging in America


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


"Behold the Lamb of God Who taketh away the sins of the world!"
~John 1:29~

There is absolutely no hope in today's dark world, without a sustaining faith in the Living God, only made possible through Jesus Christ, His Son. 

Jesus Christ is the only religious leader in the world Who is directly sent by God, to atone for the sins of mankind, and to rise from the dead and ascend into Heaven. He alone is sinless and without fault before God.

Jesus Christ alone sits at the right hand of God the Father, and reigns forevermore with God, as the Redeemer of all mankind and all creation.

No other religious leader can hope to make these claims. Not Mohammad, not Buddha, not Moses, nor any other throughout the pantheon of world religious leaders, both ancient or modern day. Mohammad, Mose, Buddha...all of these religious leaders sinned in their lifetimes. All of them died. But not Jesus Christ.

Only Jesus Christ was sent by God to pay the terrible price for the sins of mankind. "For the wages of SIN is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23 Throughout the Bible, it is taught that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of our sins. 
Animal sacrifice in the Old Testament

This is why, in the Old Testament (Holy Scriptures), Jews were required to bring countless animal sacrifices before God and His altar, as a temporary sacrifice to take their place for their sins. This had to be repeated constantly, since the blood of animals could never permanently change a person from within. 

But once Jesus Christ the Messiah, the promised sacrificial Lamb of God, died in our place once and for all for our sins, animal sacrifices were no longer needed, and will never be required again by God. 

And all who seek to re-establish the system of animal sacrifices to atone for sin will only be disappointed, since God no longer requires them nor takes note of them. God's Son was the final sacrifice for the sins of mankind!

Jesus Christ was sent by God the Father, to become THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, so that mankind would never have to walk in spiritual darkness again. 

However, darkness surrounds every soul who walks in sin and unbelief. There is not ONE PERSON in the entire world who can hope to escape the judgment of God because of their sins, APART from Jesus Christ God's Son. And that includes YOU. 

You may be a Moslem. You may be a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Zionist, a Marxist, a Wiccan or anything else. But without true salvation and forgiveness of your sins through God's Son, you remain in spiritual darkness and sin. 

And when you die, the tragic reality of eternal darkness and torment in hell awaits you forever, because Heaven can only be attained by putting your faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.

This world today is filled with cults (religious teachings outside the Bible) and false prophets and false teachers which bring tragic spiritual darkness to mankind. 

Popular "CO-EXIST" bumpersticker

You can judge a tree by it's fruits, declared Jesus Christ. What kind of fruits does a false prophet, and false unBiblical teachings bring forth?

Here's a list of how to recognize a cult by it's fruits:

Children scarred by Jihadist war in Syria

Heartache. Bloodshed. Ceaseless wars and fighting. Cruelty. Man's inhumanity towards man. Oppression. Murder of the innocent. Depravity. Debauchery. Depression and grief. Hopelessness.

The world is empty without Jesus

And all of these are also the recognizable trademarks of satan and his dark kingdom as well.

These are just some of the many tragic fruits of any teaching that does not come from God the Father, the Author of all truth, as manifested to the world through His Son, Jesus Christ.

You can witness the suffering throughout that world that sinful mankind creates, when people are fueled by the man-made and even demon-inspired doctrines of unBiblical teachings that do not originate from God nor Jesus Christ. 

The Christian Bible declares that "GOD IS LOVE."

Jesus Christ lived to manifest God's tender love, mercy and forgiveness throughout His ministry on earth. And even now, He lives to manifest the Lord of God from Heaven's portals, ministering to lost mankind and His children through His angels and His Holy Spirit power. The Bible teaches us that He ever lives to make intercession for us.

However, many cults declare something entirely different through their actions and teachings. There are many dangerous and soul-damning cults in the world today. Millions of people are involved in such false religions, and countless souls who die daily plunge into the abyss of hell because of them.
The broad path leading to DESTRUCTION

"Broad is the path that leads to destruction, and many there be that enter therein," declared Jesus regarding false religions and the way of sin.

One of the most dangerous cults in the world, is the cult of ISLAM. It is deadly, it is offensive, it is brutal and cruel, and ultimately it is soul-damning as well.

Islam is factually the product of the Christian Bible calls a "false prophet," Mohammad, and actually many other writings added to Islam throughout the centuries besides, according to some researchers. 
An Islamic mosque, or meeting house

Jesus Christ warned of false prophets that would come into the world after Him, and cried "BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS!"

Let us therefore ask, what kind of fruits does  ISLAM produce in the world today?

It is easy to witness the bitter fruits of Islam, it's oppressive Sharia laws, and it's many jihads ("holy wars") throughout the centuries. Christians are only one group of many that have suffered tremendously because of the erroneous doctrines contained in Islam and Sharia law.
Islamic jihadists executing "people who do not agree with them."

Jesus declared "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."

But what does Islam produce instead? Ceaseless bloody wars, or jihads, throughout the centuries, beginning at it's founding, to brutally establish Islam and their caliphate throughout the world.

Although Jesus declared, "I Am the way, the truth and the life and NO ONE comes to the Father BUT BY ME." 

He also said however, "If a person does not believe my words, I do not judge him [now]: the Word I have spoken will judge him in the last day." 

This is to illustrate that Christian salvation does not come  to mankind imposed by brute force, when someone does not yet believe in Jesus. This is why true Christianity does not go on murderous rampages to judge and destroy those who do not receive Jesus Christ. 

Jesus said that He did not immediately judge that person, but rather that God's Word would someday judge that person when death finally comes and the soul must stand before God.
Islam does not even love it's own

However, Islam teaches it's followers to brutally attack non-Moslems, to try to force them to renounce their previous faith and to became Moslems. Those who refuse to convert to Islam are then brutally beheaded or crucified under intolerant Sharia law. And even those Moslems who run afoul of Sharia are frequently imprisoned, whipped, shot or beheaded by fellow Moslems.

Women and little children suffer even more under Sharia. Child brides are popular in the world of Islam, and many have died from tragic health issues because of being forced into having sex before they are fully matured and able to have sex and carry children safely.

Female genital mutilation is commonly practiced on small girls, often leaving painful scarring and health issues lasting a lifetime. 

This is yet another bitter fruit of the teachings of a false prophet whose inspiration does not come from the one true God of the Bible and of Jesus Christ.

Christian recently crucified by an Islamic jihadist in Iraq

For many Christians in today's world, Islam represents a major threat to the peace and security and religious freedoms of millions of Christians worldwide. The Islamic threat is even beginning to slowly manifest in North America.

What people must understand is, that every person who believes in the Qu'ran and Hadith, and purposes to obey all of it's commands, then becomes a genuine "potential terrorist." 

Why? Simply because of what the Qu'ran teaches. The Qu'ran dictates that Christians and Jews who fail to convert are to be killed. Christians are to be tortured, beheaded and crucified! Is this not true criminal and terrorist doctrine??? To be taught to murder those who do not agree with you, and furthermore oppress them as well???

Of course, there are many Moslems who are not actively crucifying or beheading Christians...yet

But this means nothing. When they decide to carry out the commands of the Qu'ran and Sharia law regarding "infidels," do they not THEN become criminal terrorists? 

Yes. And until then, they remain "potential terrorists" towards every Christian and every Jew and anyone else they feel "offended" by.

Part of the deadly danger of Islam is it's unpredictability. You can never know when a person whose teachings include murdering those who they disagree with, will act on those teachings.

And there is great danger also, due to unpredictability of when any Moslem decides to act of the teachings of the Qu'ran towards innocent non-Islamic victims in that person's vicinity.

When the demands of the Qu'ran are carried out against non-Moslems, Islam becomes a deadly killing cult, filled with religious ideology full of hate speech, bigotry, discrimination, and persecution and oppression towards all who do not agree with it's ideology. 

Islam goes BEYOND being just a religious belief, to a government ideology that transforms any nation under Sharia law into a frequently ruthless and brutal totalitarian dictatorship.

GONE is religious liberty and the right to freedom of speech under Islamic Sharia law!AND THAT WOULD INCLUDE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES AND PREACHING...just as it does in many oppressive Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia.
Christians would no longer be allowed to freely worship or preach the Gospel

GONE are womens' rights to fair and equal treatment under male biased and dominated Islamic Sharia law!
Woman stoned to death in Iran, allegedly for "adultery"

GONE is freedom from discrimination due to gender and color and religious beliefs (or lack of them.) Recently Saudi Arabia declared that even ATHEISM was punishable by DEATH. And that anyone bringing CHRISTIAN BIBLES into Saudi Arabia would receive the death penalty.

Christian persecution and suffering is multiplied under Islam. Also, anti-Semitism rises like a plague to attack the Jews under Islamic Sharia law. People of all religious faiths other than Islam are subject to cruel attack and murder by these truly hate-filled religious bigots.

Christians in America are witnessing the ominous and gradual rise of Islam in North America today. Thousands of Islamic immigrants are being deliberately sponsored and selected by the UN to be brought into America for resettlement. It becomes apparent as one studies this phenomenon, that once again there is indeed a hidden agenda underlying professed  "humanitarian" purposes. 

This is especially true when we have a President today who has openly admitted he is a Muslim, who has publicly admitted he will side with the Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood, who is bringing more and more Muslims into government and other important positions, and who is enabling the funding and support of Islamic terrorists in the Middle East to bomb Christian churches and behead and murder countless Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Schools in America are reportedly compelling non-Moslem students to say Islamic prayers to a foreign god...even while the Christian belief system is being oppressed from the public school system in our nation.

Numerous articles are being published by investigative journalists who show how the US, Israel, NATO, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and UAE are all covertly supporting, arming, funding and training the "Syrian rebels" (ISIS/ISIL)  to be used for destabilization of the region and "regime change" against Bashar Al Assad in Syria, among other things. 

This alliance for regime change and destabilization of the Middle East constitutes the GLOBALIST AGENDA for the world, including what has become for America "the corporate state" which now truly governs America, instead of "we the people."

WHY are the Christians being so ruthlessly persecuted and eliminated in Iraq and Syria, by the very "Syrian rebel forces" that America and her allies are training and supporting there? 

Is there a reason BEYOND "simply because they are Moslems committing jihad against Christians"?

One more Christian crucified by terrorist ISIS forces in Iraq

And WHY is the mainstream media so eerily silent about these horrific atrocities against so many innocent victims of Syrian rebel terrorists in Ira and Syria?

Christian child beheaded in church attacked by ISIS

Where is the international outrage? 

Where is the outcry? 

When children are being brutally raped and beheaded and their brains blown out, where is the concern by America and the world? 

(And church leaders in America, WHY do so many of you remain silent as well??? Don't you realize these victims are your brothers and sisters in Christ as well?)

And WHY has the UN recently declared that they no longer have emergency funding for the victim refugees living in bitterly cold tent cities in places like Jordan, at  time when children and infants are dying from the cold due to lack of proper clothing and heaters for their tents?

Christian refugee face cruel winters without heat and proper clothing

One very clear reason
 why Christians are being so ruthlessly attacked, is because the NWO globalists (who are covertly calling the shots and funding/arming these terrorists from behind the scenes) possess an everlasting hatred of Christianity and Christian people worldwide. 

Globalists (or the NWO) know that Christians, due to their Biblical belief system, will never accept their planned world government under Lucifer, their admitted driving force and demonic inspiration behind a very satanic new world order.

I was informed by a former NWO supporter who once worked for the CIA, that they hated the Christians who stood in the way of their moving forward in America with their NWO agenda. 
FEMA camp prepared for the hour of martial law USA

She admitted that they even planned from within the CIA how to remove the Christians in North America by force, and herd them into the FEMA/DHS and related camps for TERMINATION as "resisters of the New World Order." 

This is nothing new in the world's scene, of course. The Communists do this all the time, as soon as they take over any nation. Christians are among the first to be terminated or arrested and taken to the camps for destruction. 

Historically, Jewish Bolsheviks and Hitler's Nazis both used this tactic against Christians, as well as other perceived "enemies of the state," including political opponents of their dark regimes.

This former CIA source further enlightened me by stating the following: "One thing you Christians need to realize is, that the NEW WORLD ORDER is Satan's kingdom manifested on earth, that the satanists are the backbone of it, and for this reason THE CHRISTIANS HAVE TO GO..."

In other words, to make way for the globalists' NWO, the Christians must be removed from the world scene completely. But then, Jewish NWO supporters agree with this principle, and so so the Moslems of the world as well. And both groups have proved it in the past.

I find it very fascinating to note that in every nation and region of the world where the CIA and US government/military covertly trains, funds and arms such people for destabilization of a region and "regime change," one of the first people groups to be targeted for  brutal persecution and elimination ARE THE CHRISTIANS.

Islam demands that Christians be crucified and beheaded for their faith

This is certainly true
with ISIS/ISIL rebel forces and their barbaric attacks on Christians and churches in both Iraq and Syria. Solid evidence has steadily emerged of the US, Israel and NATO allies covertly training, arming and funding destabilization mercenary troops being used for "regime change" in Syria, for example.

Church bombed by ISIS terrorist forces

I wonder if the covert training
the CIA and US military provided, (Israel and MOSSAD are confirmed providers as well) also included the encouragement to attack Christians, bomb their churches, terrorize them, behead them, and destroy even their children. 

Because that is exactly what is going on in the Middle East and other regions of the world today, and the mainstream media and world leaders are largely silent..eerily so. But to remain silent is to side with THE OPPRESSORS and never the victims.  

I would like to address the following quote to the silence of the media and leaders from around the world:

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
Moslems who cooperate can provide the globalists with a powerful military force to train, arm and then use to bring persecution and elimination of Christianity. All, of course, in the name of "jihad" and spreading Islam least in the minds of the Moslems who participate.

Many Moslems have no idea that they are simply pawns being used by the globalists and various nations, in order to achieve desired "destabilization" and "regime changes" in various parts of the world.

And if Moslems can be used to bring destruction to Christian churches and to end religious freedoms in foreign nations, can't they be used by the "God-and Christian-hating" globalists to try to destroy Christians and religious freedoms, RIGHT HERE IN NORTH AMERICA??? 

Of course they can be, and alert and discerning Americans are already witnessing the gradual beginnings of such a dark plan to divide-and-conquer right here in America, and to oppress Christianity in this nation, proudly founded from her beginning on Christian religious values and morals.

The Apostle Paul declared that Christians are to always be on the alert, because our adversary the devil continually goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy. 

Thankfully, more and more Christians are waking up across America, to finally comprehend this genuine threat to the future of our Christian heritage and freedoms in this nation.
Remembering America's Christian heritage, now imperiled

Christians of North America, the clear warning signs are found everywhere in our nation today (our schools, our government, our military and more,) announcing the intentions of those who plan to oppose Christianity in our nation today.

Will you rise to the challenge, and purpose to stand up for Jesus Christ and America's Christian heritage and religious freedoms, in this critical hour of assault on our faith and freedom?

For the sake of your future and your children's as well in America, we must stand firmly for Jesus Christ in the face of all opposition, however ruthless and deadly it may become.

The future of AMERICA is UP TO YOU.
And as one more American, what you do counts!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Mystery Of The Cross Around My Neck

The Eastern Orthodox Church Cross

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

To many people I encounter here in America, the cross I now wear around my neck is  intriguing because of it's unusual design.  

However, the beautiful cross above is an example of the kind of cross worn by Christians of the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christianity. This type of cross also adorns the spire of their churches and cathedrals as well.

Above is an example of the Orthodox cross atop a church spire. Note also the Islamic crescent moon beneath it, symbolizing Christianity's triumph over Islamic conquest against the Church throughout the centuries

The Syriac Orthodox Church in Iraq has has been suffering terrible persecution at the brutal hands of Islamic terrorists who are fighting for domination under the banner of ISIS. 
Orthodox church burned by ISIS forces

Some of their Orthodox bishops have been kidnapped by ISIS forces, and presumed murdered. Their churches have been desecrated and destroyed. Such Christians have suffered intensely under recent Islamic attacks carried by ISIS. 

But Christians of other church denominations have equally suffered as well.

Most Christians in America cannot begin to comprehend the horrors that these precious fellow Christians have been enduring because of Islamic persecution there.

I have been following many reports from different sources, all revealing shocking accounts of Islamic jihadist carnage, rape, beheading and dismemberment that has spared neither man nor woman, child nor elderly, nor Church leaders.

Grim photographs depicting even little children having been beheaded by ISIS mercenaries have been flooding the Internet throughout recent months. 

One eyewitness account revealed that in one city that was mass beheading of the children in front of their parents, simply because they were Christians. Heads were then impaled on public fenceposts as a warning to others not to resist Islam and ISIS.

After spending several months of research on this important subject, and viewing numerous photographs illustrating the true horrors of these Islamic terrorist rampages against Christian and other non-Moslem targets, my heart has been deeply moved and impacted by the sheer immensity of this wanton destruction of Christianity in the Middle East.
Distraught Christian refugees seeking shelter 
from ISIS in the Middle East

After spending much time praying for the besieged Christians in the regions under attack by ISIS, I decided to openly wear my Eastern Orthodox cross daily as both a reminder to pray in solidarity with them, and to share their plight with others who comment on this cross.

Can we as Western Christians decide to deeply relate to these suffering and endangered Christians of the Middle East? The Bible emphasizes that the Body of Christ is ONE with one another. And if one member suffers, we all suffer together worldwide with that member. 

When reading such reports, it becomes painfully clear that such persecuted Christians remain endangered to this hour, and desperately need our genuine love and our prayers and support in practical ways.
Canon Andrew White on the front lines for Jesus

Recently, Anglican Church Canon Andrew White, beloved by all who know him, published photographs on FACEBOOK illustrating the plight of these now-refugee families living in miserable tent cities in the heart of winter there. CLICK on link with his name above to view these shocking photographs of Christians refugees trying to survive this winter.

Snow covers their tents. Harsh winds blow through the flimsy fabric. Many do not have enough blankets or warm clothing. There are reports now emerging that some women are giving birth, only to have their newborn child perish from the cold and lack of proper nourishment and clothing and medical care.

And while many Christians throughout North American enjoyed Christmas in peace and plenty, these Christian refugees from Islamic persecution suffered in the cold and abject poverty and fear.

God has clearly put the challenge their crisis represents  before the Body of Christ worldwide. 

UNITED we stand. But DIVIDED and uncaring, we then fall to the enemy, and allow others to fall as well.

Let us take the time to stand united in the Body of Christ with God's precious Christian people under attack by ISIS Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. 

Intercessory prayer and fasting costs us nothing. It is the least we can do for our endangered brethren in Christ under persecution. But there is more we must do if their life-threatening is to be alleviated. "Faith without works is dead."
We must remember that PRAYER is asking GOD to do something. But many times in response to our prayers, God is asking US to do something as well. God works through His people. We are His voice and His hands of mercy and compassion to a lost and  dying world. 

If WE as Christians fail to understand this, and fail to manifest His love in practical ways, the critically needed work simply will not get done. 

For those of you who can afford to give financially, there are Christian outreaches that are doing a wonderful job of helping to deliver and supply these refugees with warm blankets, heaters, clothing and other essential survival supplies at this time.

Canon Andrew White making an impassioned plea 
for greater support for Christian victims of ISIS 
in Iraq and the Middle East

Canon Andrew White, called THE VICAR OF BAGHDAD until forced to flee from invading ISIS forces who put a price on his head, is doing a wonderful work of supporting endangered Christian refugees. The name of his relief organization is The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. CLICK HERE to go to his relief agency.

Franklin Graham of SAMARITAN'S PURSE has been doing a wonderful work to supply heaters to those living in tent cities. CLICK HERE to go to this website to donate and learn more about how you can help!
SAMARITAN'S PURSE supplying heaters for Christian refugees

While there are undoubtedly many other excellent organizations providing support for Christian refugees in the Middle East, these are the two I have researched and discovered are doing an excellent job of providing assistance to our endangered brethren.

THANK YOU for taking the time to be concerned for our persecuted fellow Christians facing immediate crisis  in the refugee camps. And remember: the mercy you sow TODAY, is the very same mercy you shall reap in your time of sorrow and crisis someday. 

Our love towards the Body of Christ under attack, ensures the continuation of the triumphant Body of Christ during this troubled generation. It is the enemy's intention to blot out the Christian faith worldwide. 

By God's grace, we must never allow this to happen. We must stand in solidarity with the Christians threatened with extinction NOW.
A bleak Christmas in refugee tent cities

"Inasmuch as you have this for the least of these my brethren, 
You have done it unto Me."

~Matthew 25:40~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert on behalf of His endangered brethren worldwide-